December 4, 2014

Ditch Effort

Point of forgotten interest; South Western Manitoba. November 2014

There is something to these forgotten places that I am hopelessly sweet on. I am unable to articulate beyond the simple fact that these places make me hopeful. Why so? I could easily picture myself scooping this place up and making fantastic large scale things behind that shop door. Fill the structure with love. Paint my half white. Restore the inside, out. What may look broken from the outside, crawls with inspiration from within. 

That ditch looks like a good place to pull over and have a nap in beloved's arms. 


Shot this beauty on an unfamiliar route home from a familiar place a few weekends back. The Kiev was loaded with (what felt like at the time) "my last roll of slide film" so I wanted to capture some pure magic. Now that that roll has been processed, I am reminded how crazy it is to proclaim such a thing! I will shoot slides until I am old and grey, or cut off by this city and outsourcing becomes a ridiculous joke. Until then, more medium format slides to come. I know I need to show my slides eventually, but I am not quite there yet. It won't be long.

Winter's first lick; frozen on positive film. I will never forget this winter, this much I know. The mind's eye snaps away while my cameras rest for now. We are really in it now, Manitoba.


Kiev 60, Fujichrome

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