February 20, 2015

Natalie by winter

Natalie was kind enough to invite Iain and I along to capture an abandoned farmyard which she has been commissioned to photograph for the entirety of the year 2015. We roared off altogether one fine Sunday and these are some of the portraits I felt free to shoot of the photographer at work. I think this is such an incredibly well suited commission for Natalie.

The family of this land found and fell for her print, photo and film work on her website via Parlour coffee. The very landscape along with the odds and ends which dot the property become the workmanship which Nat is known for. She is a gentle, wry and clever woman. Her work embraces the small town mentality and for as long as I have known her, has upheld an offbeat edge to her feminine hand. I could pick her work out of a haystack, any day of the week. Looking forward to seeing this body of work surface as the year progressses. Nat will continue to shoot a combination of 35 and 120 film, digital and as far as I know, moving picture.

Natalie, you beauty.

Nat wipes out / January 2015 near Stonewall, MB.
Nat stands tall / January 2015 near Stonewall, MB.
Woman of great flair / January 2015 near Stonewall, MB.

Kiev 60 / Tmax 400

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