March 3, 2015

At Home with Tony

Tony HQ, Winnipeg, MB / February 2015
Hand work.
Every dot is painted by hand.
This is Jill in a funny hat and a Margaret Jane wool felted necklace.
Studio views at 11pm.

Just stumbled upon the latest podcast from Chad Hagen over at Take a Seat! Lucky find today considering I have been taking a much needed break from various social media platforms and the internet in general. It is crunch time for school! Thoughts of performance exams hang heavily overhead. Head down now, keep working.

Jill Sawatzky was recently interviewed by Chad for his podcast Take a Seat and their funny interview was a great background dialogue to take in while knee deep in the books this afternoon! How good it is to laugh aloud, alone in an empty room while the babe sleeps on down the hall. Shot these photos of Jill at work in her home studio a few weeks ago while she hustled to finish her mini collection for Hut K (which sold out in a nanosecond! Way to go woman). Have a listen to Jill and Chad talk shop HERE or cruise on over to iTunes to seek out this interview along with many, many others available for free under Take A Seat with Chad Hagen.

Kiev 60 / Tmax

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  1. just listened to the podcast this morning. Loved it so much!

    These photos are great. Jilly Bean's cheekbones in that 3rd photo are encroyable! These are so nice. That hat is so funny.