March 25, 2015

Twofold Hop

Early mornings with JJ / Chrismtas tree ready to burn.
JJ's first time in Shelly and he wasn't sure about it / Ollie finds the Melting Place.
My back lane and a favourite wagon / Lisa and O entertain my friend JJ.
Soft looks / Ollie makes a splash
Two souls I quite love: Olive in hearts / Jackson in fox fur
Two more great souls, Lisa and Owen / Olive really goes for it.
HAY / Lisa
Lover BOY / Lover boy
Looking a bit rough at 8am / Olive in bows at the window.

Ran out of film. Rewound. Reloaded. Forgot about it. Shot over it. Then came Spring.

Canon E0S 3 // 400 crapola color

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