June 23, 2015


Group shot photograph courtesy of Charles Venzon. Many thanks!

Art City of West Broadway in Winnipeg threw a hell of a Disco a few weeks ago. This photo essay is made up of portraits and observations I felt feel to capture in between shaking my behind and spilling rye on the ensemble I wore in the name of Lisa King. It was a good time, not only for the energy and commitment of the partygoers, but also for the wide range of folks of all ages and backgrounds Art City brought together one hot night in Spring. All photos shot with the old faithful Kiev 60, a brightass flash and a coupla rolls of Tmax. Feel free to click to enlarge and swipe away but always remember to credit the eye behind the angles.

Bon nuit.

Margot (was here)


  1. Hi Margot Pollo,

    Good running into here and making your acquaintance! Glad the group shot worked out after all.


    Charles Venzon

  2. Dear Charles, pleasure to meet you again after many moons. Thank you for capturing that hilarious group shot as you did! I laughed heartily as soon as I saw the negative. For me, it perfectly sums up that evening's energy! Thank you terribly.

    Best, Meg