July 25, 2015

Rodeo Shack

I came across this quiet beauty out in the fields, tethered to her trailer. If she were mine I'd call her Mirabel.
This is John and his horse Mister X. I asked for their portrait and this is what they gave.
This is the first thing I noticed while walking the fields. Not wanting to spook either party, I quietly observed this gentleman tenderly washing his horse's hoof in a puddle. The horse noticed me long before the man did.
Rodeo grandstand in Miami, MB. This will be a lot of fun to print in the darkroom.
Rodeo fans watching the bull riders intently. I love the focus in each face. 
The calves had to be herded to the opposite end before the next round of cattle roping could begin. Muck show.
Fans from behind.
Even though the composition is weak, I can appreciate the motion in that tail. 
Andrew, handsome cowboy on the way back to the Sugar Shack after the rodeo.
This sums up the energy of the weekend perfectly.
Good people in a good place.
Group shot by Katie Dangerfield. Many thanks!

I will let this photo essay do the talking here. We piled into Iain's truck for the weekend a few weeks back to celebrate the completion of mine and Grant's schooling and roared around the south western part of the province to take in an afternoon rodeo in Miami, Mantioba altogether. There was a severe storm midway through, but the rodeo rallied on after the torrential rain and funnel clouds had passed us by like it was part of the scheduled programming. It was a proper muck show I was thrilled to capture in my own way. Toes squelching with mud while wandering the fields and observing patient horses. I ran out of film to say the least. I will always cherish that portrait of John and Mister X. That top shot of the horse needs to be blown up to epic proportions. Horses do something to me I can't explain. These photos spell out the goodness of the folks I am proud to spend time with and call my friends.

Kiev 60 / 120 Delta 400 (current film obsession; just capturing all the right tones I am seeking these days)!

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  1. i would like to purchase muck show and mirabel please. Size is up to you.