July 27, 2015

New Haus

I couldn't sleep so I had a cold bath
Lay back down to try again
Rose with a whizzing mind and dressed in the dark
Striped dress over the head
Slipped out of doors and into the night
Smiled at the sound of moaning floating down the street
Rain fell gently

Not everyone is sleeping

Walked for a short time under street lights
Used my new key to enter my new home
It was quiet and empty
Street light fell on walls and floors at odd angles
I walked from room to room with a cocked head
Considering the options of each space
Then I cleaned the tub a good one
Imagined the kitchen with the little blue table
Took down all of the hideous curtains

Let there be light in the dead of night

Cleaned the sinks
Then I moved into the basement and just looked
I studied the position of the machines and the sink and the drain
Took in of the outlets and the light sockets one by one
Easily imagining safe lights and blaring Do Make Say Think on tape
Noticed the underbelly of the house was already painted white          
Praise the moon and stars above

This already is a joyful move, a long time coming

We can move the chest and mattresses and turntable on foot
I have never been so thrilled to clean my own oven
I will eventually get there, but first I must sleep
New house wonder and merriment

It's good to be home

Still life of a makeshift kitchen. Pembina Valley, MB; June 2015.

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