October 15, 2015

Cut a door

Elegant Grandma Helen, my role model.

What do I want to create? Who am I without photographs? How do I want to represent myself without digital scans of my photographs? I have been asking myself these questions lately as I ease into the cooler season. The seasons are on the verge of change as fall shuts down (although the sun still warms us in the mid-afternoon in Winnipeg these days). I have been soaking up the rays in the company of children. They stare at me as I sprawl out horizontal in whatever sun I can find, cat-like and curious to them. Life is rich with the wonderful questions of four year olds. But why Teacher Megan, why? Oh my days are so strange. I can only imagine what parenting would be like. Teaching other people's children is trippy and exhilarating. Today I taught a girl to use a screwdriver with attitude and poise, two boys how to build a mean fortress out of long red and numbered rods on an extra large mat, another child how to pour corn kernels from one vessel to the next, another the wonders of blending primary water colors to make new colors. Oh the wonder of it all. As previously mentioned, teaching Montessori is wonderful and weird. 

Here is some recent photography work from an incredible family wedding I shot late in August for my cousin Sara and her man Tony. At the time I felt free to capture anything I pleased; so I did--to my heart's content. Enjoy.

I shall share now that the door has been cut open. The circle remains and so does the desire to commit my hands to one hundred percent analogue work from here to kingdom come. Then again, some nights long after the neighborhood has settled in and sleep has escaped me yet again (despite the fact that I will slip into my saddle at 7am tomorrow morn) I am drawn to this open, instant platform where I can type to my heart's content and not give two hoots about what the next guy is working on. I'm just me, girl with a frying pan. 

Some recent projects on the go:
- large and in charge Rollin & Elma stencil for Amelia
- the slow train comin' project of sliding all '14-'15 negatives into sleeves for contact sheets OYE
- makin' pasta
- plannin' various print projects for winter flow
- upcomin' basting lesson from Tammy. Baby's first foray into quilting. I am quite keen on following the wonder that is Folk Fibers. Someday I hope to be dying my own fabric and quilting blankets for my beds. 

This is good enough for now. 


New moon in Scorpio; a good time to acknowledge death and embrace rebirth. 

Happy together and finding the balance.

Beautiful friends.

Grandpa is the bomb.

A free spirit.

A strong and resilient girl.

My grandfather Sydney and his last remaining sister, Charlotte.

A natural, on the clock.

Delighting in each other (despite my warm Developer temps. DAMNIT).

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