September 29, 2015

I asked and this is what they gave / Harvest Moon 2015 edition

For Lisa, wherever you and Shelly may be.
I asked and this is what they gave.
I asked for a song and a portrait and this gentleman kindly obliged. 
Portrait of an attentive listener. I asked and this is what she gave.
She asked and this is what I gave. Enjoying the warmth of company and sun.
Blooming daily is Ainsley. Wonderbabe expected to arrive in December of 2015!
Sleeping not sleeping. I asked and this is what she gave at 6 months along.
For JJ, who adores all things Nemo and the wonder of kites.
Shitters, kites and sleeping spots. This sight made me chuckle.
Ice cream ladies. I asked and this is what they gave.
I asked and this is what he gave. The slice of sun on his nose, plus the hint of groovy pants did it for me. 
An intriguing scene to observe: good parenting at work in the freedom and kindness of children at play with each other. 
Here are some photographs I felt free to capture with sharp mind and hands on Saturday, September 19th while enjoying the 14th annual Harvest Moon Festival. Openly observing people in a safe environment is very energizing to the soul in me. Ease was all around. Even the weather was easy and kind to us all. I did not take a moment of it for granted. I wandered alone and with friends, with the Kiev in the crook of my arm, content to watch and listen. What a gift of a weekend.

Portra 400 was just the ticket to capture the essence of the light and surprising heat of the weekend. This roll above (posted in consecutive order) looks hot. Contrast film rarely offers a temperature as colour does (specifically Portra 400 film--so warm) but rather a story of many mysteries hiding in the layers and shadows. I suppose that is the reason I go back again and again to contrast film. I'm a mystery buff, what can I say? Call me Nancy Drew. That said, Saturday afternoon at Harvest Moon needed to be shot in colour; no bones about it. Thanks be to Ni for letting me dip into your cache.

Portra 400 / Kiev 60

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