January 28, 2017

Last Roll of December

Folded hands at the beginning of the roll. Would've been a nice portrait.
Whitetail Meadow near Niverville, MB.
Natalie makes a drawing on her mudroom floor.
Back roads with the one who patiently waits as I pause to compose from the shoulder.
For Jer, wherever you may be.
Arlo's second Christmas on the farm. She unwrapped her new doll cradle and made herself at home.
A quilt for Atlas' fifth Christmas from Granny Tammy. The ultimate gift in my opinion!
Sweet times on the farm.
Holiday girls. Rebecca and her young Lula at home.
Lil' Water and his mama Stef.
James, young Walter and Stef on their stoop.
Walter, giving it away for free. 

All photos captured at the tailend of 2016 on my trusty Kiev 60 / FP4 pushed to 400; processed at home.

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