February 3, 2017

Flip, Flop and I go to Chiang Mai: a single roll photo essay

Train travel is one of my favorite modes of transportation. 

Banpin Station, north of Bangkok. Captured through a train window. We made many stops on the journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai; Banpin was one.

When I look at this, I see my past, present and future. I can hardly wait to print this. Bust out that cloud story.

Bright side, strong side. I love the sense of community and solidarity that presents itself in the morning following a long night ride on a train. People photo snappin' and tooth brushin' right out the windows. A moving house speeding / chugging through the Thai countryside.

I fell in love with this Australian gentleman. I wanted to scoop him up and hear all of his tales over a glass of scotch. 

A softie of a portrait of my brother over brunch at Libra House. December 2016

A side shot of Libra House. The lovely guesthouse we stayed at in Chiang Mai! An excellent place I highly recommend!

My view within the Old Town of Chiang Mai on Moon Road. Dogs, tuktuks, bikes and greenery.


My sweetheart scoping the breakfast menu.

This scan does this frame no favours. I will remedy this disgrace shortly. The tones on this negative are bonkers! 

A portrait of my brother Michael. Or as I like to call him, Milky.

A portrat of our official navigator of Chiang Mai. I praise the moon for Iain's internal compass on a regular basis.

Fence still life / end of the roll pin punches from the negative weight!

All photos shot on my old faithful Kiev 60 / 120 FP4 pushed to 400. I have full intentions of printing this entire roll. Those train shots get my train wheels 'aturnin'.

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