February 25, 2017

Hat Trick

IDP captured this of me while dining at A & K Lick-A-Chick in Little Bras D'or, Nova Scotia; July 2015. Pentax 67
Howdy partna',

I have entered the high season of inspiration. It builds under my top hat like a magical rabbit; out of sight though popping out at the most appealing of times. Spring is near, I can feel it brewing under the ice which I slip upon. Print production tells me so. I have been carving lino into many stamps. Margot Pollo's hand stamped bean bags, bandanas, napkins, backpacks and Longbods coming to a shop near you. It is very satisfying to follow the steps to creating a healthy inventory. So many steps! Printing is ridiculous and ridiculously rewarding at the same damn time. Same goes for dyeing fabric.

The urge to print overtakes me at odd hours. If you need me you can find me in my workroom. This room has come a long way. There are various stations in working order: Ironing station, Listening station, large worktable, small writing desk, open cutting floor, light table, sewing station. It is clean, organized and either in use, or ready to be. Good sign to keep going methinks.

Exciting collaborations for Spring are in the horizon.

My goal at the moment is to make enough bits 'n bobs to open Margot Pollo's Shop of Curiosities over at margotpollo dot com at long last. The future is now.


Love Madge

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