March 3, 2017

Chicklets and Doves

Rebecca and her sweet young Lula.
The littlest meatball in my arms, sweet young Vaughn. Photo thanks to IDP.
Aunty Kitty and Vaughn party at the Carman Legion.
Players play an ode to Carm and Vera at the Carman Legion.
Ode to Carm and Vera.
Uncle and young Atlas reading at the kitchen table.
My Valentine, Ronny Rouge.
A rare portrait of my chicklets captured on Valentines Day by Rouge.
My Guy Valentine, practicing on a mild day in February.
Breathing in some fresh air after spray painting my brains out. Photo thanks to IDP.

Those flippen' doves are back. Constant cooing coming from the south peak. Time to bust out the Super Soaker loaded with boiling water and cayenne methinks. Their enthusiasm paired with the lingering light of day have me feeling hopeful. March is in! It was a goddamn doozy of a week. I rode home from the East Exchange fast and furiously and rolled into the camera store with a slight huff on. These photos that I picked up, placed here in consecutive order in which they were shot cheered me right up. When I look at that image of Iain and his mandolin I get all starry eyed. Mine all mine!

Kiev 60 / FP4 400

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