April 8, 2017

Clown's Breakfast

Observing the action at the daytime market in Chiang Mai.
Astounded by the sight of fresh cut flowers in December.
A serious butcher at work at the daytime market.
Iain shot this of Milky and I (wheeling and dealing for antique enamel dishes).
I asked this taxi driver for his portrait and this is what he gave.
Tall man's day out.
Fresh berries and cold beer courtesy of Milky for our riverside picnic.
Hot and hazy at 11 am on a Wednesday in late December. 
Assiniboine River? Could be, but not. Captured this from the banks of the Mae Ping river running through Chiangmai.
Tuktuk self-portrait of Milky and I cruising through the streets to cool off.
Tour guide extraordinaire leading us on a shopping tour of the market before heading out of the city to our cooking class. Here she offers a lesson in rice noodles.
A lesson in coconuts.
Coconut cream!

All photos shot on my Kiev 60 TTL in thirty-five degree heat while wandering the city of Chiang Mai alongside two clowns; one who insisted upon walking as much as possible, the other who insisted upon walking as little as possible, but both agreeing that cold beer and strawberries make a fine breakfast alongside a river. I couldn't agree more.

Kiev 60 / Portra 400
Chiang Mai, Thailand; December 2016.

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