April 18, 2017

Spring Chickens in the sun

Freda by the feet.
Freda by the ears.
Freda by the neck. This one-armed hold was hard for Gus at first but then he figured it out!
Gus and an armful of Longbody Rabbits: Freda, Babs & Sunny.
Canvas drawstring Bucket Bag in a nice Witchy Purple hue.
Lula reaching for the moon on a Margot Pollo Picnic Blanket for two.
She got it! This kid. No words. This purble fibre took a dip in the same spooky dye bath as the canvas drawstring Bucket Bag pictured on Gus above.
Portrait of a young lady at dinner. A smaller Picnic Blanket with horses draped over the highchair for fun.

Thanks to my sweet young friends Gus and Lula for putting up with my camera all for the sake of photographing a few new items plucked from the Margot Pollo spring lineup.

Dye, print, sew. Repeat.

Kiev 60 / Ektar 100

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