February 17, 2012

Death's Zoo

Loud coat on the corner. 

I noticed Chris was in the cab while watching the little blue pickup whip around the fork on Sutherland while waiting in the sun to be picked up for a trip to the photo store for film and supplies. Hadn't seen him since yesterday and it was a nice surprise. Dropped my two F3 bodies off for parts and repair at long last and then wandered around. Brassai caught my eye (well the Taschen book version caught it considering Brassai himself is long dead).

Speaking of death, I stood in a room filled to the tits with dead animals today. Wild! Didn't see that coming on a Friday afternoon. I couldn't help myself but reach out and touch that long giraffe neck coming off the wall. Is it real? Yes. Winnipeg is full of surprises. Grateful upon entering for listening to my guts before leaving the house.

Bring your cameraBring your cameraBring your camera.

After the death zoo, we stopped in at Le Taudis to visit Rhayne working away on a new film production and again I felt inspiration pool into my stomach like milkshake through a funnel. Hallelujah. Drink it down. There is something special about the sun pouring down on Selkirk Avenue that fills me with wonder. Vitamin D in the hood. The three of us too poor for breakfast in the afternoon, the suggestion of a homemade meal was pitched and eat we did.

Before the scrambled eggs came helmet shopping. I am in the market these days.

Good company all day. As the afternoon light passed to dusk, I hauled out my projector and got down to business. Organized the mountain of negatives and mounted a bunch for viewing pleasure. Here is an iPhone photography sampler, which does zero justice to the true beauty of slide film. Slide show on a Friday night cause I am crazy like that.

Slides don't lie. And that is something I can get behind.

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