February 13, 2012

The Worker

Worked my first shift as the Catering Supervisor at Diversity Foods today. I walked in for an impromptu interview and was put on the floor. Might as well learn straight away, begin the phase in/ out. Hallelujah is all can say. I was starting to go squirrelly without work. Gotta pay for my moped and learn how to build a motor in between service and delivery. Time spins forward. Spring is in this week. I sat on my front step in the sun after my first shift in months and listened to the neighborhood, trains rolling just out of sight. It's good to be home.

I am addicted to cycling. While the weather is a tad freaky for February, there has never been better riding conditions in all my years on the road. Never. Ever. Dry as a bone, dusty but safe and wide open. It is shocking to me that the streets aren't clogged with cyclists, considering.

I am in heaven.

I have a job!

There is a moped in the house after years of yearning. Let the engine lessons begin!

I have been drawing.
In process work, inspired by Rob Galston. Trace art, it is what it is.

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