February 2, 2012

You are a Pioneer

Trains shake the house and in turn the house shakes the dogs and I. What a sensation. Ruby and June curl into each other while their mother is out. Low light with spots of red at the Barber house tonight. It's warm and comfortable in the house. I write from a huge desk, deep and wide. The surface area is so great that it houses Jessica Alba, a paper cutter, the red cookbook form from Chanel, a few pieces of art, new fenders lying in wait, a large lamp and my computer quite comfortably. That is one big desk. Not pertinent information in the slightest, but impressive.

Not going to the bush this summer. Damn. My hesitation over each open invitation said enough. Silence and stillness speak louder than words, in this case, in many cases. Liza, I am sorry. Wind in your sails Cook! One strong two-fingered salute to you with love, my love. Your love. You will see your nature space from a different vantage point this year I bet. Cooking in love in nature. No trump card there!

Something within me continues to tell me to wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Something will come. Aries within and the moon above rattling around in wordless conversation this week. Wait. Wait. Wait.

Want what is there, within and peace will come.

I painted for my crewboss Mother today. An auntie in one room, a sister in another, my mother down the hall. I love painting on her crew. It is an interesting vantage point as a daughter, watching a mother order the operation with grace and laughter. We work hard because we were taught well. Navaho White all up in me.

Last night I wore Navaho White to the symphony, no use fighting with dry paint. Icelandic music for dinner. I sat in my seat draped in low notes, cello, viola, stand up bass. Neck and mouth and ears open. Eyes closed, shining so bright within the darkness of my body. I don't know how to begin to articulate my love for live music. For classical music. For choral music. For strings all together now. For pitch perfect voices coming together in a room built for such.

Here are some recent photos shot with the Kiev. Walking around my room, the river, Chinatown, the Bike Dump.

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