April 19, 2012


A 'scope review.

You had to take the test before you got a chance to study more than a couple of the lessons. Does that seem fair? Hell, no. That's the bad news. The good news is that this test was merely a rehearsal for a more important and inclusive exam, which is still some weeks in the future. Here's even better news: The teachings that you will need to master before then are flowing your way, and will continue to do so in abundance. Apply yourself with diligence, Aries. You have a lot to learn, but luckily, you have enough time to get fully prepared. 

Apply oneself with diligence. While a part of me takes these sacred advertisements with a grain of salt, the other side listens close. Time is flying. I reckon this is a repetitive theme in my writing. But it really is. There are one hundred BBQs that need to take place before Lisa and I are set to leave for tree camp in a week and a half!! Andrea. Caycie. Rebecca. Gotta see you women. Liquid dinners; screw the BBQ. 

Worked hard today zipping around a brilliantly clean home. I clean houses to make the rent. There was strong coffee and good supplies. Nice coffee break at the big dining room table with my Auntie Sue. Thought about all kinds of things. Thought about what I have been learning from Craig regarding small motors. A recent date revolved around his BBQ and a motor lesson focusing on the top end. Top End. So many concepts to digest and learn by experience. Exhaust, return, points, ground, carb etc. keep an endless flow of questions coming. Never am I made to feel idiotic, though majority of the queries are ridiculous. I froze while wrenching the other day and had to leave the garage out of shame for my inadequacy at this new trade. Came back, was handed the socket wrench with a smile and pointers for better production. Ohhh boy. But step by step, scrape, slip, snip, wrench, pull, twist and screw, I am learning how my motor runs. Yeah baby.

Tonight I am hoping to hear the handiwork run. We will see. 

Life is very good. 

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  1. I love you.

    Willa's super naked right now and just whizzed on the floor. Thought you'd wanna know.