April 10, 2012


Darkroom days.

This routine of brunch and then dipping down to the basement to work until breaking for dinner and going back down to print bigger and bigger until midnight is interesting. Yesterday I printed the first 16x16" photo. Seeing that image appear affirmed my love for medium format. I can only imagine what enlarging 4x5 sheet film would feel like. Nuts, no less. 

Cutting 16x20 sheets in the dark was a bit interesting but eventually I got the hang of it, knowing full well that for four dollars per paper there was no choice but to do it properly. Never waste paper. As the hours rolled on, a good rhythm revealed itself. A strong soundtrack helps. Tragically Hip, Kurt Vile and Sonic Youth have been on heavy rotation. Now it is clear that I have to invest more than five hour blocks in there at a time to find that pace. A twelve hour day felt like four. Good sign.

It's time for brunch. Pete and Repeat. 

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