April 27, 2012

Bathgate of WPG

Gut rot Friday.

The photos in the series below are from a roll shot in a single evening. Perched on a wide sill seven floors up, the southeastern vantage point was striking at magic hour. Feels good to shoot these days. While working through the roll, I thought I was shooting color and was surprised when the camera back revealed the unexpected contrast. Does your eye take in color and contrast differently? Mine does. In this case, color vision translated well.

Ultimately at peace with the decision to leave the very place I thought I was destined for, my mind drifted to the short stint in art school as my body drifted in and out of sleep. The last ten or so rolls received back affirm said choice and show much improvement in exposure. All thanks to Scott's light meter. Thanks McLarens, I owe you big.

World of a difference. This is a small part of Winnipeg from above looking down and out.

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