August 3, 2013

The Thresher

Woke with a start in clean sheets after a series of pot roast dreams. Dream reader, what in-sleep significance does the pot roast hold? Nice to MEAT ya. It was nice to rise with the early morning light. East facing windows. Ran into a real beauty this morning: Rusty! Getting so big, tiny little bun child in engineer stripes. Yum. Good latte and good company from Parlour on Main Street. Only Winnipeg latte that can transport me back to my '07 Europe trip in a single sip. Thanks amigos. It's good to be home.

Rusty's mama Crystal.

Writing from a small desk in my bedroom. The light is soft white. Thinking about things in an easy chair at home on a Saturday. What a pleasure. To reflect upon the last few weeks of life is wonderful. Highlights of recent life include:

- Seeing my cousin Billy marry his love Meagan while surrounded by mountains
- a helluva roadtrip to witness this family wedding with my love Craig and our good friend Chris (both talented photographers) and then heading deeper into the Rockies to drop Chris at VIA in Jasper
- Jasper, Alberta you beauty!! The Canadian landscape energizes the soul in me. Craig, Chris and I took a short camping trip just outside of Jasper in an old (but not forgotten) campsite just north of town. We swam (dunked heads in glacial run-off), lazed on logs and explored as three photographers with and without cameras. Wondrous to say the very least.
- Waved hard internally to you, Liza all through Alberta until we stopped for a sandwich in Saskatoon. Hello woman!
- Shooting so many inspired rolls of film in new places, ceremonies and young souls in their mama's arms. Pictures of mountains. Pictures of rocks and Craig's long legs.
- Flying to Toronto after a long drive home. Leo Leo Leo daze. Naked child in the garden with the mirrors. Tiny toy car world is his. When he crawled into my bed and shared my pillow on his back and laughed at my scary stories about the DARK DARK HOUSE and the narration of a new book about Victorian houses, my heart swelled up lying there until it split in love. Nice window into parenthood.
- Montreal felt like a great coat to slip into. We had fun in style. There were many little trips taken with Chanel and Lo. Car rides with women, long overdue. Cloudy beach perfect for shooting lazy slides. Italian hangovers. Antiques dug up in the heat.
- Approaching Simon and Steve in the dark after a long time apart. Dear to me's they are. Much gin was drunk. Many stoop tales ensued. Hearing stories of Steve's time woofing on farms in Italy filled me up. Sally. Oooh wee.


Rode my moped over to visit Bram and got stopped by a cop out front of Rebel Waltz. Officer Jean. I don't keep mirrors on my moped. We had tattoos in the same spots coincidentally. Inside the studio, Bram worked on moons and taught me some things. Future is now. I am feeling very inspired and ready to giver.

This is Bram Adey.  He is one talented dude. See some of his work here.
Perks of dating a mechanic: sweet rides. Baby's first toptank.

Currenly listening to Abner Jay's Folk Song Stylist album on repeat. Unbelievably good listen. Full band, awesome drums and horns. When I pass away, please play Abner Jay on loop at the service. Thanks.

Yesterday Kat and I shot a heck of a wedding in the english garden at Leo Mol in Assiniboine park. Photos to come. Heap it on the pile! It been a great month for photography. Here is a shot of us in the bathroom at the Hilton, best part of the night!


  1. nice to MEAT ya! Brilliant :)

  2. i want to hear about this month in person! get your tattooed ass to my house. gin is poured at all times of day. lattes too.