August 7, 2013


This sums it up about right!

Three Aries babies on a camping trip in Jasper, AB made for one well-tended fire. Chris, Craig and myself headed for Jasper after the family wedding in Canmore came to a close. To debrief after a wild week of celebration and all that comes with a gathering of that sort, we took a day to explore nature in solitude. Surrounded by the Rocky mountains, we drank beer beside a river, stacked rocks for fun, watched the sun set and the super moon rise. We wandered together and apart and my bouquet of wild flowers grew as the light of day fell away. We all take photographs and these are some that I felt free to shoot while observing two great men in my life. 

* Above photos shot with Kiev 60- 120 Delta Pro 400 film and scanned at home


  1. that photo of the three of you is to die for.

  2. love these moments and the wild lot of you.