August 20, 2013

Top Dead Moped rally

On Saturday afternoon, Craig opened up his new shop Top Dead Mopeds for an open house BBQ. Buddies, faithful clients, first time group riders, parents and overall moped enthusiasts of Winnipeg came out of the woodwork to support his new venture with beer and BBQ. It made me damn proud to see all the work he has done put into action by all the guys on mopeds who kept rolling in. What a sight, what a sound! By seven, the route was roughed out, tanks and tires filled and 21 riders were ready to rip. And rip we did. Sadly, I didn't shoot any of the rally as I ran out of film shortly after a series of portraits at the BBQ, but I will never forget that initial feeling of riding in such a strong group down Maryland. Words cannot express such a simple pleasure. Whoa la. High spirits, big dumb grins for all and that sweet chorus of motors just hungry for the light to change. These are the things my photography couldn't quite do justice. So be it. I went to sleep with the sound of engines roaring in my ears. The next ride will be even better!

Winnipeg continues to surprise me and so does my guy. I love you Craig. So proud of who you are and what you are about.

* expired Kodak GC 400 / Nikon FG-20 / 24mm