January 17, 2014

Pleine lune

My favorite page from a favorite book, torn out and scanned at home.

''' ''' ''' L U N A R

''' ''' ''' L U N A C Y 

''' ''' ''' L U N A R I A N

''' ''' ''' L U N A T I C

Moon, I'm feelin you. Large and in charge this cycle, you are. Day before yesterday as the moon filled out above, I stood still on the very western side of the city and watched the sky fade gently from pink to blue. Nice view. It was beautiful. Earlier today I stood on a snow hill with a baby strapped to my body, face to the sun soaking up the last rays of day around 4:00 pm. What a luxury to chase the light at my leisure in such good company as the Jackal. 

Feelin' ready as the orb above. 

For what? 


It's still January. How glorious. Today I ran right into many characters I haven't seen in a long while. Socializing in the dark of winter this evening felt equivalent to the excitement of a rare dance with a strong lead. Connections and laughter sparking in the crisp night air. Amy inspired the artist in me after our first sip to pick up my laid down work. Whatever it is, pick it up. Negatives, fabric, xacto, spray paint. Freelance work is right there, readily available so long as it's in me to GO. FOR. IT. 


Ain't nothing to it. Follow your leader, Madge. Just like the coniferous you love.



Inspirational quotes for the home fridge. I am turning into my mother. What a treat! Dial M for mother. In other news, SENSITIVE SHREDDERS. 

I am so proud of my Montreal homies Simon, Steve and Ben. No words necessary. Proud hen. Now let me direct you to their new skate video. Introducing, Sensitive Shredders. Miss yous.

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  1. I like when you blog. this was nice to read. :)
    I have felt the moon also, recently. :)