January 26, 2014

Three abreast

Wrapped my evening sewing project around my body and made way for Destiny, my old computer tucked away in the little white studio room. This evening I altered a wonderfully old twin blanket cover to fit my small square down duvet. Splashes of orange floral with bits of teal on white. Just right. It felt wonderful to sew contentedly in the kitchen while four dudes hooted and hollered at the hockey game on tv in the next room over. I thought of Chanel ma belle as I worked. Sewing is so simple and so tricky at the same damn time. Practical art, respect.

Quieting the mind at the edge of sleep was no easy task tonight. Reflecting upon the course of my Saturday kept sleep far at bay. Coffee didn't help this old girl. Today was one of those really good SaTURDays. You know the kind. Woke early to a brunch invitation. I made my way comfortably through the bright blue cold of morning to pick up black beans and kale on route to the hostess' home across the Red River. What a treat to be handed a Little Sister coffee upon arrival. Andrea, Natalie and I traded places at the stove in a slow dance and our meal came together easily. Three great cooks, one great spread. Minus one Lisa. We enjoyed gently poached eggs, salty steamed kale, zippy black beans, a side of beets, fried potatoes, a beautiful pink smoothie, more coffee. More coffee. More coffee.

After our meal, we moved around Andy's new home while Natalie worked with her new medium format baby. Portraits of wool clad women in a damn cold sunroom were had. We eventually rebundled and walked back over the river pushing north. Cutting through neighborhoods and shooting some photos, we suddenly became spectators of a funny game of shinny happening in the parking lot behind the Sherbie where the age of players ranged from 3-60. Awesome. Winnipeg, you're good stuff. We strolled to Old House Revival from there and I came away with that blanket cover, a wooden spaghetti rake for Craig (I lost his) and four buttons to replace the one that got away from my overcoat.

Meandered home alone and was greeted by Modest Mouse blasting through the house. Musical vibrations. Craig was in the darkroom zone finishing up my last few prints for Terry and Myrna's wedding (bless his soul) and I got to work compiling the album once and for all. Cut paper, hole punch, stencil attempt, chucked that, mount mount mount! There was an impressive piece of pork slow-cooking on the counter that made my mouth water just thinking about it. That guy has really upped his game in the kitchen. Much to my delight, Craig roasts meat weekly. We would be a goner without that slow cooker. Invest! Balanced flavors, tender cuts, good work all around for minimal effort. Took a break from the wedding work to sew and make our bed nice, guzzled more coffee and then back at 'er. Work until delirious. Bed. Can't sleep. Write.

I see the light now. It's good to feel free in the dead of Winter.

Shot in another life, the day that Winter broke. Winnipeg/ 2010


  1. that photo is INCROYABLE! sitting in my bed doing everything humanly possible to get warm. wet wet winter. thinking of you. xo

  2. That shot is otherwordly. Love it.