January 31, 2014

Terry & Myrna

Terry and Myrna were married at Fort Gibraltar in Winnipeg, Manitoba on Saturday November 30, 2013. Despite the gray skies that morning, light poured in through dormer windows and fell upon the shoulders of loved ones as smells of hot brunch wafted upstairs from the kitchen below. Brunch wedding! Genius. Guests guzzled coffee and orange juice at their leisure as the happy couple exchanged vows before them. There was plenty of love in the room that Saturday morning. As I moved around freely capturing portraits and observing guests enjoying their brunch, I couldn't help but hope for the same easy energy at my own wedding someday.

The ceremony was short and sweet and the room's aesthetic simple and sweet as well. Baby's breath in mason jars with burlap quietly complimented wooden furniture, wide planked floors and whitewashed tongue-and-groove surround. Easy going wedding, just like Terry and Myrna. They were a real pleasure to capture. In retrospect I am so grateful we moved outside for a few FAST portraits after the reception had wrapped up (they were due to hop a plane to NYC for their honeymoon straight away!), as those very shots turned out to be my favorite of the lot.

The series above was shot entirely on Tmax 400 film (majority 120mm/ Kiev 60; minority 35mm/ Nikon FG-20) and printed at home on Ilford satin paper. Couldn't have survived each printing session without various albums from Guided By Voices (Bears for Lunch) or Brian Jonestown Massacre blasting at top volume.  Completing this print project was the best way to begin 2014, a year for making magic and taking risks as an artist. While I have much to learn and apply in terms of camera theory and focal length theory specifically, the lessons learned while working my way through this project were innumerable! \

Doubt costs, confidence saves.


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