March 1, 2014

Attractive arrangement

Bridesmaids and bouquets. 

Dear Bridesmaids, pleasure to meet each and every one of you, once and for all in Saskatoon. It was a pretty surreal experience to watch you interact candidly on such a joyous occasion, firsthand. While surreal, it was a complete pleasure to capture on film. I have read such beautiful stories of each of you over the years, penned by your dear friend Elizabeth's hand. Now that I have met you, I respect your sisterhood all the more. Friendship lottery! You are all such beautiful spirited women! Wind in your sails as you carry on through Spring.

Love Meg


  1. holy smokes those ladies are babessss!! Meg, great captures.

  2. Friendship lottery indeed! Meg, it was a joy to finally meet you. I hope our paths cross again soon. For now, the internet will suffice :)

    Snagging a photo for Facebook, hope you don't mind! All these wedding photos are a-m-azing.