March 19, 2014

Lion & Dad Egg

Dino on the loose at the AGO. Toronto/ March 2014
Cool dad on the loose in Toronto.
How I have missed this particular expression of Leo's.
Good eggs; father and son in the sun.
Boy and his bobcat.

* All photos from a single 220 roll of expired NPC 160 // Kiev 60 TTL


  1. This family struck gold when they found you, beauty.

  2. just a quick trip to t.o.? FUN!

  3. The Boy and the Bobcat - perfect. All I have to say about this time of year on the too, Margaret, me too. Yesterday when it snowed, my heart sunk. Anyway, goals yes. I am going to make a list too! A list to keep me accountable...and push me to get off the couch at the end of the day. Love you. -Liza