March 29, 2014

Moon Mother

Happy Birthday to this wild and wonderful creature.

Dear Aunty Daryl, today marks the day you were brought into this world by your dear mother and my dear grandmother Helen, __ years ago. You come from a long line of fiercely strong and complex women who are quick to laughter, confident with hearts wide open. You have taught me many lessons through the course of my 27 years just by being you. Thank you for always accepting my heart's many woes, for being a woman quick to celebrate the good of life of those around you and for inspiring me to be my own woman of strength and knowledge. You always know where the best hole in the wall restaurants are tucked, the best books to read (J. Boyden!) and you are ALWAYS good for a delicious, life giving meal at the drop of a hat. Today I celebrate YOU! Words cannot do my love and admiration for your good soul adequate justice so I will leave it at that.

Happy Birthday Aries woman. You are the ram! And so am I. Enjoy the celebrations to come.

I love you

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  1. That photo is magic. Great tribute to a lovely lady (and some nice insight about the generosity of your man-friend lending out his sweet rig).