April 14, 2014

A L T E R N A T I V E / M A G I C

It has been a real treat to emerge from the winter season with my mind and hands busy with collaboration. Like clockwork, my internal fire continues to be stoked by Spring air after a long season of low light and little warmth. Last week I felt it burn bright and HOT for the first time in many moons as I moved around a white studio alongside Jill Sawatzky. Both of us had eyes trained upon a beautiful woman called Akos as she moved through the space like water, our cameras at ready. Easy, playful energy in an art studio filled with natural light, texture, colour, STRONG WORK! Layers came on and off, all of us rotating hats and scarves as clothing slipped from our own backs only to be replaced by something new from Tony Chestnut. It was one of those incredible photo shoots where I just knew the rolls would reflect exactly how the energy in the room felt. It is not always so,  thus I try not to take afternoons of those kind for granted.

Jill is the vision, the soul and the magic behind her clothing label Tony Chestnut. It has been pretty neat to watch so many people in my life evolve with their trade/ craft/ art over the years, and it was no different with Jill last Sunday. To see her clothing come to life was nothing short of incredible. May the magic translate in the photos to come! While the approach to her label may change from season to season, her vision has remained true with each debut. You know Tony Chestnut when you see it coming for you on the sidewalk. That I like.

Yesterday I printed photos from morning to night and the production was as fluid as the shoot the previous Sunday. Each step flowing into the next. Like magic. It is hard to articulate how rare it is to find that even pace from start to finish.

Midway through printing, I stepped out into the light of day for a break for my eyes, some exercise for my legs and a Kijiji mission in mind. Old Alba carried me to the industrial area in the West End where I was welcomed into a crazy woodshop / production darkroom by a lovely gentleman. We did some wheeling and dealing in his unbelievable set up over a few items he was parting out and I pedalled away with a full Ikea bag on my back, inspired all over again.

2014 continues to be the year for pushing myself, saying YES to opportunity and reviving my love of printmaking. Stay tuned folks, much to come! #tc2014

Hustlin' / Photo. Jill Sawatzky
Quite typical  / Photo. Jill Sawatzky
Shootin' the magic / Photo. Jill Sawatzky
Dusting off the Bessa from the 30's / Photo. Jill Sawatzky


  1. Wonder, wonder, wonderFULL. You two are such magic together.