April 28, 2014

Didn't It Rain Children

Can't get this big mama diva's voice out of my head. Woman could rip on that guitar! I would take Sister Rosetta Tharpe over Beyonce any day. It rained and rained today and I must have played this song 30 times for Jackson. No wonder he wailed buckets. He prefers Solange. Rain and tears and swimming lessons for babies. My social calendar is really cracking' these days. Oye vey what is my life coming to? April showers bring May flowers. It must really be spring, nothing less. Irises fight for their right to flower power on Victor Street.

In other news, a recent interview conducted by ye 'ol kind eyes Chad Hagen surfaced today. Chad, an age old acquaintance of mine has been busy interviewing various Winnipeg characters in his cosy East Broadway home for his new podcast called Take a Seat with Chad Hagen. The three previous episodes released each Monday throughout the course of April ranged from delightful to hysterical to heavy and hopeful. Initially, I was downright frightened at the thought of a stiff exchange but OOOH OOH CHILD was I ever delighted by the instant ease and flow of conversation. Over the course of an hour and a half of conversational meandering, we touch upon the merit of wood wandering childhoods, the making of slow art, the importance of theory of photography and the joys of making and eating slop. Sound riveting? It was my first foray into the podcast world, forgive me. Rookie Hour. I do recall laughing throughout the entire exchange. Always a good sign when one begins the process crippled with fear and hesitation and ends on a triumphantly satisfied note. In a tiny room at a worn wood table surrounded by plants, we slipped on headphones, adjusted our mics and cheersed to quality bourbon, to taking risks and to Take[ing] a Seat!

Enjoy. Click here to have a listen.

The kimono fell to the floor and she stood exposed once more.

I feel very wacky tobacky today. Where are you LA LUNA? I can't seem to place you from my corner thanks to all that grey. It goes.


  1. This is pretty much the conversation I wish we could have if we could ever muster it. Credit to your excellent interviewer, for putting you at ease, and steering the talk into such interesting waters. Wide-ranging and personal, playful and real. Wonderful morning listening, although not great for work productivity. Does this recording sound like you to you?

    I had cobbled together a partial mosaic of what I thought was your "voice", gleaned from your art, your writing, and bits of lore collected from relatives. Hearing your real-life-vocal-cord voice adds pieces to the mosaic, and clarifies older pieces. So neat to hear echoes of Marj's voice, to imagine the sparkle in the eye matching the sparkle in the voice. And Kim's and Dan's and Helen's...the gift of great genes. Thanks for sharing your goodness.

    Also, for non-iTunes folks who just want the mp3:

  2. Oh Jeremy, thank you for your thoughtful response and for the easy access for the non-iTunes folks. Much appreciated--I hadn't thought to offer that! What a treat to think of you listening on the sly while at work! Can't thank you enough for your ongoing cheerleading over all these years, it means terribly much. I recently listened to this interview and smiled as I could hear myself relax after the 20 minute mark. What a treat to have this for a lifetime. I might come to regret my horrid use of bad language but such is life! We shall sit down together someday and converse. I hope it will be in your front yard surrounded by fruit trees and mountains. Time will tell. Thank you, your letter meant so much to me.

    Love Meg

  3. My pleasure, and thanks for sharing these bits of you. You've given your future self (and your eventual descendants) a real gift with this. No regrets.