May 1, 2014


Wallet trinkets / Winnipeg / 2014

Our home was burgled in early December. When I realized my purse and wallet were missing along with the rest of the goods, I was most saddened at the thought of never again seeing that small photograph of my mother as a wee little babe lying on the floor. Stuff is stuff. Je sais. It was a hard learned lesson of letting go but eventually I moved onward, further and further away from bitterness over loss. Winter is a desperate time.


Last week, I received a most peculiar letter from a neighborhood stranger alerting me that they had recently unearthed the contents of my wallet in the Spring melt. Why, I never! While majority of the personal ID and credit cards etc are gone forever (I try not to dwell upon where they might be---I hope burnt to dust by now), I did receive this beautiful bundle of precious photos carried faithfully in my wallet until it was no more. The kind stranger wrapped my little parcel up in string and wrote the most encouraging note.

I decided to make haste and scan what was recovered for good measure! So happy to see my little mother's precious baby face again. Not to mention my very prized possession of Lisel King's kindergarten school photo. And the dear photobooth picture from Simon. AND my library card! The culprit ditched every other card save for my library card! That is the only one I had yet to replace!

Miracle on Victor Street.

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