August 2, 2014

The Iceman Cometh

This is Gaspar, Iceman of the Winnipeg Folk Fest. He asked me to title this photo "The Iceman Cometh".
Sun-filled sun porch.
Young Blue Eyes Serduletz looking sharp in a large hat.
Theodore and David ready for their portrait. I shot this from the open air kitchen I was working in.
A true blue Shit Eating smirk. 
Meet Timdian, my line cooking mentor. Order Here; we are team Diversity Foods.
JJ and myself. Photo by five year old Sloane.
Ladykilling grin.
Felix feeds.
Theodore and David, ready at last. 

Colorful fruit of July. The high arc of summer lends itself beautifully to color photography and I try not to take the easiness of the season for granted. I shot this aray colorful characters in and around July, weaving in and out of neighborhoods, on Victor observing scenes of home in different lights of day, whilst at work as a line cook in a hot and windy kitchen at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, in Charleswood working with my petit coucou JJ and entertaining his little family members from afar. July was bright and good. Thank you Ian of Shoppers Drugmart for doing such a bang up job my color film development. My bank account thanks you. 

As mentioned in the comment banter below with an old mentor (yes, you heard me Jer), while I appreciate the sure-shot qualities of the Canon EOS 3, it is TOO easy to use in actuality. Manual cameras are better for my brain, eye, heart. I prefer handling my heavy, mechanical, clunk-clacking Russian camera because it lends me a photo experience that that Canon cannot. As mentioned below, yesterday I shot a family series of some real damn fine dear ones in my life. I realized while walking around with my Kiev in the crook of my arm, rolls rolling in my pocket that I know that camera inside and out and was finally free of my handheld meter. I get it now, exposure. F'n A. Photo Professor Chih-Chen Wang of Concordia would nod in approval methinks. 

I need to go into the deep. What that means, I have yet to find out. 

Dear Universe, I am ready for the field camera when you are. The winds of change are howling. 

*Canon EOS 3 // Kodak 400 vanilla


  1. EOS 3? You're making some colour magic here, no question. I sent off a time-capsule-36-roll of AGFA black and white film this week, shot with my old EOS over a mysterious time period that included several months of dead batteries in between. Very curious to see what appears, as I have no memory of the first couple of dozen frames. This pics have me thinking the next roll is colour, which just seems right in August.

    1. Color all the way. EOS 3 indeed, good eye. I forgot to mention that, thanks. I have been shooting 35mm more now that I have that Canon in my life (it just crapped out so I need to take some steps to ramp up my game again in that department) BUT it has been bothering me how disconnected I feel from the mechanism of the camera. It does all the work for me! That EOS 3 is even calibrated to my eye and will focus for me based on where I look through the scope. Bonkers. I prefer my five dollar Olympus rangefinder (which just came back from a tune up). Oh photography. It feels good to shoot in summer. Color abounds. Yesterday morning I had a family photoshoot with Jen, Jesse and Ben and we wandered their back lane, stopping here and there against the magical flora and fauna of August in Winnipeg. It was pure magic (contrast film). After I ran home to process what was just shot and the rolls came out better than I hoped. That family is something else. I thought of you and Marj as I shot, knowing you two would appreciate the fluidity, laughter and ease of those spirits against all that lush West End green. Be well amigo, and SHOOT. Where can I find your fruits of labor?? Do tell. Love Megan

    2. Super stoked to see those pics of your dear cousin and fam -- sounds magical indeed, and yes, Marj's spirit lives on through those of us who loved her (and were loved). When Dan was here last summer, I saw so much of her in him, and it just smacked me.

      Yeah, it's funny that these old EOS film cameras are technological wonders -- mine has that stupid eye-tracking-focus thingie too. On the other hand, I run mine in caveman mode: AV, single-shot and occasionally use the manual focusing, so it's kinda nice to be able to choose to use the fancy stuff.

      My photography has been limping at best. I still post on Flickr, but not as much as I used to. Hopefully that film roll will get me back on track.