August 9, 2014

This Many

Meet Lissa. I asked for her portrait and this is what she gave. True self? Methinks so.
Re do. Her sister later corrected Lissa and kindly reminded her she is not three, but 4!

I love this little gremlin. Lissa is my neighbor to the north. I always ask before I capture any child's portrait (with parental consent when possible). I remember having my portrait taken as a little girl and feeling empowered when faced with the decision: Yes or No. Lissa said yes and gave her face wide open. She likes to come hang out in my porch while I carve away at the latest Arbus-inspired stencil crawling it's merry way across my glass topped table. She likes to water color paint or flip through the Maira Kalman art books I bring down for her. The other evening I introduced Lissa to the photography of Vivian Maier and she could barely wrap her brain around it. Too soon for street photography books? Her sister Tia (who is eleven) on the other hand, ate up the contrast images hungrily.

I can't wait to teach.

Kiev 60 // Portra 400 processed by Lab Works, scanned at Photo Central in Winnipeg. Support local.


  1. i find kids are so eager to tell people their age, cause it's one of the only things they know, that they are told by their parents or their siblings :) too cute!