August 12, 2014


A moment between two strangers on a jobsite outside of Rosenort, MB.

Seeing as The Judd's song 'Grandpa' has been on loop in my head this week, I smiled long and hard when this photograph--shot two weeks ago on my dad's current jobsite--came back from the lab. Grandpa. I see my Grandpa Frank in my dad's hands. The hammer and pencil at ease in between thick fingers. Black nail of the builder. Co-op cap ringed with sweat. White T-shirt. Classic Cal.

Frank would never have been so liberal with his funny faces for the sake of a smile, but I see him in his son pictured here nonetheless. Frank's son, my dad. JJ looks concerned, determined and disgruntled by the hammer looking him in the eye. Typical look on that child. But little does he know how much love there is to had if only he got to know my dear ol' dad a little more.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. This one speaks right to me. I love you dad. Can't wait to meet the Grandpa in you (no I am not pregnant). xo

* Olympus 35-SP // Kodak 400 vanilla


  1. So great. Love that the little man's got his hand on the hammer too.