January 23, 2015

Chico Diaries

Cold shoulder.
A path before me.
Guy Ni for Dusen Dusen.
Damn good Manitoban exposure.
Winter is magic.
Exploring together.
For Jer,  the King of (capturing) Ice.
Stone cold slumber in Altamont, MB.
Jump the fence, let's party.
Ten points for this old show.

New year wander about. We crawled out of our valley solitude to breathe in some fresh air. We cruised around and I drove for a while with a big, idiotic grin while traversing the plains. Everything was encased in ice; every branch in sight drooping from the weight of it all. I kept thinking 'Fuck! I should be shooting color!' but now that I have looked closely at the negatives, I am thrilled by the contrast. Winter is a magical season. I tend to forget to observe it deliberately at times. These short trips out of the city rejuvenate my soul, sharpen my senses and clear my head.

I like graveyards but have no intention of being buried. Toss me into the river, pour one out and light one up. Read any Anne Michaels poem. That'll do, that'll do.

The horse draws me in like no other.

The Usual processed at home. Scanned by Ashley of Photo Central, Winnipeg.


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  1. This lot feels invigorating. You feel invigorating, Meg. xx