January 13, 2015

Magic arrow flies precision

"I need a record" says Donnie as she swipes her hair away from the eyes.
"Yup" says Buck with a sigh as he settles into his found orange chair beside the vinyl cabinet.

Paul Simon fills the room, on cue.

---  ///  \\\  --- ---  ///  \\\  --- ---  ///  \\\  --- ---  ///  \\\  --- ---  ///  \\\  ---  

Two cold beers for two followed by one hot bath for one.

Poolboy comes in and out of the warm bathroom to refill my whiskey. I rock out in the bath to Guided by Voices. Four orange candles of various shades. Winter light slinks away with a slight wind and all is well. Night comes slowly. The bath empties itself slowly and I refill it again and again with hot water and drops of eucalyptus and cedar.

Welcomed scents.

Dirt roads are good roads.
Iain tunes up on a slow Sunday.
Dayna readies the tree.
Extended Ross family with Frosty.
O's latest tattoo.
While on a walk, we came across this fallen trunk.
Yummy Yucky and routine nighttime laughs.
Trying my damn best.
Portrait of a man/dolin.
Iain shot this of me concentrating on a game of Scrabble.
A good spot as any.

Here lie some photos I felt free to capture while hauling my Nikon F2 in and out of December 2014. I am currently sitting at my desk listening to an old Timber Timbre record feeling quite content even though the quality of my photo work seems to be regressing at an alarming rate. Perhaps I should stop processing every last goddamn roll as Tmax 400 and live a little.

---  ///  \\\  --- ---  ///  \\\  --- ---  ///  \\\  --- ---  ///  \\\  --- ---  ///  \\\  --- 

In other camera news, I recently picked up a new-to-me Pentax 67 from a wonderful Manitoba gentleman. He called me "nuts" for picking up his old 70's gear. Little does he know what I am used to working with! I am moving on up one Kijiji score at a time. My insides were grinning while handling that honkin' beast as he ragged on and on about the death of photography. It's as dead as you believe it to be! I believe it to be quite alive and well thankyouverymuch. My work with film has just begun! Had to laugh again today at his word "nuts" circled my thoughts while holding my breath as that enormous mirror clattered up and down mid shot. Impromptu color portraits of JJ on my shoulders in my Tony Chestnut dotty dress in his family bathroom. 22 months and growing like a beautiful weed.

Negatives growing from 6x6 to 6x7cm! 

Live and learn.
Live and learn.
Live and learn.
Live and learn.
Live and learn.
Live and learn.
Live and learn.
Live and learn.

There is so much to learn in this lifetime. Handling that 67 makes the Kiev feel like a doll's toy. Slowly bumping up my negative size, one centimeter at a time.

---  ///  \\\  --- ---  ///  \\\  --- ---  ///  \\\  --- ---  ///  \\\  --- ---  ///  \\\  --- 

Time to put my hands to work. Its been too long since I last sat at that light table and put some muscle into the stencil lying there, waiting. Self determination. How hard can it be? Just do it.


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