January 14, 2015

Tony Chestnut AW14

Margot Pollo very much for Tony Chestnut. My friend Jill has been making stuff for as long as I have known her. I consider myself a kind of kid sister to her creative process. Her own kid sis and I used to sneak into Jill's various cool bedrooms just to look around at her paintings and general creative going-ons. Quiet look-sees for two inspired girls. I am unsure if she ever knew of these visits, but she never made us feel like we needed to KEEP OUT. Her home today is the exact opposite of everything that is the KEEP OUT sign; it is an open door leading to a warm and welcoming gathering place for all. 

Tony Chestnut has been around for nearly a decade. It is just Jill, making unique clothes at her dining room table that are practical, utilitarian and chic all in one beautiful go. No fuss. These clothes don't scream, grab or beg for anything. They speak humbly and let the wearer do the interpreting. I like that about Tony Chestnut. When I choose clothes, I seek out quality pieces with a slight nod to masculinity in simple and chic fabrics that make the woman in me feel strong and ready to hustle. Somehow Jill's latest collection for Fall / Winter delivers these far-flung demands with ease IN EACH INDIVIDUAL GARMENT. Whoa. Her humble company has grown substantially over the last five years among crazed Winnipeg women especially! 

From an inspired artist's standpoint, I must say how special it has been to be invited into Jill's homespun process for her last two seasonal collections (by way of photography). It is an honor to work alongside someone who entrusted me with her vision from the get go, no questions asked. As the photographer I am there to capture her magic frame by frame. During shoots, she keeps up a sharp-witted banter with the subject in front of the camera which in turn keeps the energy and laughter genuine. Nothing easier to photograph than genuine laughter. All I have to do is frame up the beauty playing out before me. I especially love Jill's appreciation for 'off' composition, raw beauty in motion and her sense of humor that comes through her clever styling. 

Working with Jill and model Lane Delmonico Gibson was a damn treat. Lane took to the clothes immediately and threw on her own hats to top off a narrative we all delighted in. To wear clothes is one thing, but to move in clothes in such a way that brings them to life is another story. Lane brought Jill's vision to life. Looking so forward to the new crop of Tony that will be turning heads come Springtime.

To order your own Tony Chestnut, meander over to Jill's online SHOP for your own quiet look-see. 

Here are some photos I felt free to capture of Tony Chestnut AW14--- a beautiful collection of black magic: cotton, leather, wool and silk. Enjoy.

* Contrast - 35 // 120 Tmax 400
* Color - 120 // Portra 400, 35 // vanilla 400

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