August 4, 2015

Suzette's Portrait Studio

Have a seat and be still in the light; July 2015.
While Suzette worked her Ambrotype magic in the darkroom, Iain and I horsed around in her upstairs photography studio while on vacation in Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia. These photos are equally funny and special to me. I can see all I need to know in the portrait I shot of Iain: humour, love, ease. In the portrait he shot of me, I can see inspiration building up under that top hat; one hundred ideas and emotions ready to take off like a shot. I'm so grateful he gets me for me.

Kiev 60 / Delta 400 processed at home

This is the one for me. There is no one else I'd rather have humour me than him.
I preferred the men's hat selection to the ladies'. Photo thanks to Iain P.


  1. so great. Are these 100 years old?

  2. We are 100 year olds at heart. You should have seen Suzette's 100 year old 8x10 box camera. I just about leapt out the window when I first saw it. Kicking myself now I didn't take a photo of it on every camera. I did shoot a portrait of Suzette with her marvelous camera but it never made it onto the roll. Lottery!

  3. yes! so great! you look like virgina woolf to me here.