August 6, 2015

Take a Hike

Take a hike is right. To Atlantic Canada and beyond!

We hiked some incredible trails in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland. We hiked in after lunch one sunny afternoon with our things on our backs and set out to camp tight against a cliff on a nice stretch of stony beach on the western coast of Newfoundland. Neither of us knew what to expect and we had to ford a river in order to get to the beach where we would be sleeping. It felt so good to drop the packs and drink some celebratory whiskey upon arrival. The sound of the waves crashing at night through the thin tent walls was terrifying and exhilarating to me. I was out of my comfort zone, no less. Thank goodness for my Tony Chestnut security blanket. Iain beautifully captured the relief on my face as we reached a plateau along the trail called Green Gardens, after climbing upwards for endless hours. Although challenging and frightening at times, I now know what I am capable of hiking. Ready for another trail!

If you're looking for an inspiring place to travel to, head for Newfoundland. I am short on words to express the wonder of beholding such a striking place firsthand. I tried to capture what I could on film, but every time I raised my eye to the frame it felt like a shame to crop a single detail, curve, bird, rock, wave, treeline out of the photograph. I had a brilliant time shooting portraits of Iain in the land. The beauty is endless on the northwestern coast of the province. We didn't have time to drive around the entire province but next time we will.

Enjoy this colorful photo essay.

Kiev 60 / Portra 400
Roadtrip to the Maritimes: July 2015


  1. megan!! this is absolutely insane. Iain on that rock??! so casual with the waves crashing below?!

  2. I've just come across your blog again, Megan. Wow. You lead such a beautiful life and capture it with excellency. I, too, fell in love with the East coast this summer. The sound of the waves from inside a tent at night especially....xoxox