August 31, 2015


Chanel ma belle at the Sugar Shack while visiting from Montreal; August 2015.
Iain and his niece Arlo; August 2015.
Bride-to-be Sara and her sweet peach of a friend Evelyn; August 2015.
My dear Grandma Helen on the right with her twin sisters Katie and Bettie; August 2015.
Twin brothers Efram and Noam on their prized push bikes; August 2015.
Half-crazed self portrait after processing 25 rolls of contrast film. Going a little nuts; August 2015.
New living room (book-ended by worn bow and Manitoba sweetgrass); August 2015.
New kitchen after many licks of white paint; August 2015.
From where I write, my corner starring Old Owl Eyes; August 2015.

Looks from all around. New babies, old friends, favorite places, new spaces, aging faces, loved ones and wise ones.

Kiev 60 / Delta 400

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