February 11, 2018

Family & Fauna

Cooking class in Chiang Mai, Thailand with Ni at the helm; December 2016.

A man rests on Moon Road in the Old Town. Chiang Mai; December 2016.

Fawnin' over the flora and fauna in Chiang Mai.

Just another sunny day in the neighborhood. It was a treat to walk around Chiang Mai with the Kiev!

Christmas Eve on Koh Samui with Milky, Ma, Ni & Pa. 

Santa's Little Helpers scootin' & bootin' all over town; Koh Samui, Thailand.

Here is my beautiful mother Kim, on vacation in Thailand.

Here is my handsome dad Cal, on vacation in Thailand.

Here is a roll of 120 Portra 400 for your viewing pleasure. I love this roll and the people it depicts. Enjoy this sliver of a look into an excellent journey to Thailand in December of 2016.

Kiev 60 / Portra 400

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