February 18, 2018

Ten Years in the Sun

Buds along the Winnipeg River on a hot day. Manitoba, 2008.
Layds in the sun.

Post dip, pre dinner. Manitoba, 2008.

Rouge in yellow on contrast film.

A. Wong fashion at work.

I captured these photographs at my friend Chad's folks' cabin along a beautiful river somewhere in Manitoba. I forget where now but this contrast work hardly holds a candle to the beauty of that place in reality. Winnipeg River? Surrounded by beautiful and strong women I admired at the time, this series was captured one decade ago in July of 2008 depicts afternoon delight. If I recall correctly, I was more interested in capturing portraits of people and environments at that time than anything else. When I look at my photo work spanning the last decade, I am reminded to pick up my camera and photograph the minute slivers of my day to day. It will be good to look back upon later in life and I will thank myself for capturing those visual affirmations of time well spent.

Nikon F3 / 1:1.2 / Tmax

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