February 11, 2018

I can't remember when I felt so good / Baby since I met you

Jen and her baby daughter Soona. Winnipeg, MB; April 2017.
What up Marjie?
Portrait of my four year old friend JJ and his beloved Elmo toque. Winnipeg, MB; April 2017.
Airin' out the TC linen pieces still wet with ink. May 2017.
I came outside to photograph my linens in the sun only to find Ni painting the truck box shit brown. Oh I love this man. Winnipeg, MB; May 2017.
Patience hat on, slow and steady now.
Portrait of my dear Grandmother Helen holding her ninth great-grandbabe, Soona.
Portrait of three generations captured in the spring. Rosenort, Manitoba.
Portrait of my Uncle Jim and his grandbabe Cyrus.
Portrait of my parlour.
Portrait of our ambrotype portrait captured by Suzette Jordan in Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia.

Spring is my favorite season. This was a roll I shot over the end of April into May of 2017.

Kiev 60 / 120 Delta 400

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