January 27, 2012

Get Our Guns

Here are some new things I have been working on. Ladies in hats on my mind. Light table in the bedroom. Basking in the glow of late night Vitamin D. Work standing up then sleep. Drink coffee all day. I tried to print within my work room last night and must have looked ridiculous with knees splayed in equal pressure on the frame, pulling a way-too-long squeegee loaded with art school ink in the space between. It was not pretty.

Today I am going to print at a new place. So exciting to see new workshops, the first glance at layout home to machines and presses. Multiples of things. Neat lines.

Studio fever.

'Been getting my hands moving in the name of Le Taudis. My friend Rhayne is on the cusp opening a new space for art viewing and production. Le Taudis can be anything. That is the beauty of open space. Rhayne is one hell of a woman. It takes incredible gumption to open an artspace on Selkirk Avenue in Winnipeg (in winter). Poor, rough and hard. She has the right attitude and a good handle of the reality of the neighborhood to make something amazing out of it. Faith in the future!!

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