January 9, 2012


In the darkest part of the night, the flashlight in the sky beamed down as yet another reminder that we are all connected. Feeling down? Look up. Surely someone else out there is lying on their back--without a dollar or a path, an idea or a hot clue as to what the future holds--looking up all the same. The great unknown, the great mediator. Oh the questions. No one knows! Hallelujah for that. Keeps us human. Keeps me moored in the now and with this in mind, more appreciative of my surroundings.

I lay in my space (as a wise Richards man has been known to say) in my parent's front yard at two in the morning taking an energy bath in that bright light. Whatever may come, however this year unfolds, okay. Home feels good. This version of home feels good. The home with the yard on which I played Grip It (or whatever) with Erin for hours. Our version of Catch in the nineteen nineties with a fluorescent tennis ball and hand paddles. With memories drifting in and out I lay there trying to quiet my breathing so I could hear the branches and the wind better. Hear the cold better. Mild wind for January. No razor cold edge to it yet. Surely this calm is preparation for what is to come in the Dragon Year.

Whatever happens in the future, I take much comfort in knowing that my family will always come to the airport to cheer upon arrival. Thanks guys. Thanks be to Milky, whom without I could never have pulled off such an operation. Your antics and sensibilities will take you far.

As for the future, I have no choice but to continue to lie down at the crossroads, look the moon in the eye and say a prayer.

To the women we are
To the mothers we will become
May the light of the moon
Bless our wombs

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  1. Thanks for this. Good words. Needed 'em.

    You're here!