January 4, 2012

To adventure!

Bon Iver on full blast. Thanks for the reminder BKH. What a crooner, perfect for a winter day. I slept until noon, pulled my lazy bones from the warm bed and dressed accordingly. Cold as a witch's tit in Montreal today. On the bright side, conditions were perfect for cycling. Dry and clear. I walked to Steve's and hauled Ruby the red Velosport down the stairs after a good catch up with the Squirrels. High rise bars, three pairs of gloves and wool covering every inch of skin, I free wheeled my way down the mountain. Legs free to rest as the wheels did the work. Alba, I am coming for you. Bartape in hand, sorry for the crash.

Looking forward to's---

- white painted floors

- Ruby and June and their mother in the car, in the woods, everywhere

- holding all the babies possible
- meeting Beatrice
- Willa's first birthday!
- new studio
- setting up the darkroom
- unpacking
- winter bicycle date
- job hunting
- baking the first loaf in the dutch oven
- utilizing an oven that works!
- red booth with Edie
- visiting Will's house
- Creme and Cat Power


A face only good friends could love. Photo from here.

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