May 29, 2014

Heavy canopy

Lovely mystery blossoms of Montreal 2011. Nikon F3 // Kodak 400 vanilla 

In times of personal grief, frustration and angst, I continue to find myself self soothing with solitude, candlelight and stillness. Two dear women in my life are fighting for their lives at the moment. While one is dying slowly and painfully surrounded by love, the other is experiencing pain on the opposite end of the spectrum (in good health) as she wades away from love towards total independence; both are fighting hard as the strong women we have always known them to be.

With the house empty of it's usual hustle and bustle, I sat alone in the stillness of my front porch last night, thinking of my loved ones who are experiencing deep physical and emotional pain at present time. Sending out energy and deep love into the wind running fingers through the new green canopy above, that is all one can do in solitude. I love you Joan, I love you Erin.

Two wise women once told me on separate occasions that the moment you allow yourself to feel energized by wind on your skin, you are free. Perhaps that means little to some, though absorbing the concept at the time shifted my perception in the power of the elements and continues to amaze me each time I tune in. Air, Water, Earth, Fire. I draw energy from these elements especially in times of crisis. While we will all pass away sooner or later, the reality of anticipating the end to a very spirited life is a heavy one.

It is never easy to let go of love, even when the time is nigh.


  1. tough times, thinking of everyone. gosh, those flowers look like candy. have a nice weekend, lady.

  2. just found my way here and your words went straight into the depth of my bones and belly.
    you write so beautifully.
    and so true.