May 6, 2014

Milk toast

Jackson is in finest form early in the morning, as he happily announces to his mama and I that our coffee is noticeably HOT (silent T) and that he is ready for his daily cheese ration by banging on the fridge and hooting until he is totally satisfied. (That kid would eat cheese all the live long day if left to his own devices). I will cherish these self timer shots of us, chicken haired and fresh faced.

Jackson Samuel - 12 months, two weeks old
Megan Dawn - 28 years, 3 weeks old

* Olympus - 35 SP / Portra 400

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  1. jesus, girl. children are lucky to have you in their life. if i had a million dollars, i would ask you to nanny me, and then make beautiful comments about my everyday happenings. it's like you give value and meaning to the process of everyday. homeostasis becomes so beautiful when you're involved!